1. Friday Fashion

    Last week was all about Body Central, but this week is all about JCPenney. I tried on a maxi skirt the other day in my local store and I completely fell in love with it so I will start off with that.

    The skirt was this one

    It has such a bold pattern there’s a lot of ways to go with it. I personally would go with a neutral color since the skirt has a lot of color going on. That being said, I…

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  2. Thursday Fashion

    Hey all,

    Another week has passed so comes another time for some fashion inspiration and a reflection of my personal style. Last week I featured Deb Shops. This week, I will be featuring Body Central.

    For the top, I chose this simple coral short sleeve shirt

    8071_altCO1 If the shirt would be too low or too thin for my personal liking I would go with a simple tank top underneath such as this one For…

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  3. Tuesday Fashion

    Hey all!

    Sorry I’ve been missing for a good few months. Sometimes life takes some turns you don’t expect it to. But I’m back now so all is well.

    In my area, spring is just starting to finally come around and the snow is melting away in the sunshine so I decided to pick a floral dress for this Tuesday’s fashion inspiration.

    I love this floral pattern against a dark background because it really…

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